The Van Vorst Films team is a group of experts that have decades of hands-on operating, production, and film experience.

We help our clients communicate to and target desired audiences with effective branded messaging.



Working alongside principals and school leaders in high performing districts and charter schools, we have documented hundreds of hours of teaching and learning as well as professional development. This content helps to close the achievement gap in our urban public schools and prepare students for college, citizenship, and life.

Van Vorst Films has a unique perspective on the education of young Americans and the intensive training and professional development that teachers and school leaders undergo in order to become masters of their craft. Our years of experience include producing in-classroom training materials and promotional content in K-12 schools in New York, New Jersey, and around the nation. 


Communicating effectively within a corporation of any size is extremely important to keep the ship moving in the right direction. Van Vorst Films counts years of experience working with internal marketing and communications departments to bring a company’s message to their employees in the most effective way possible. 

From Hong Kong to Sao Paulo and Las Vegas to New York, we tell the stories of major financial firms as they develop emerging markets, launch new financial products, raise capital and pitch IPOs, address employees globally, speak to investors directly, and win business.

We also bring this global experience to our local partners, because small businesses deserve the same care and collaboration for their next big production.